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Our new Wellness Area has arrived.

Come and complement your mental health with our new wellness area!



● Activate the relaxation area.
● Accompanied with aromatherapy.
● Relaxing and therapeutic massage.
Mindfulness technique.

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614 - 186 - 6767

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"Each of our services it has highly trained personnel ”.

Quality of Life:

"It seeks to increase the level of satisfaction of our clients in their various stages of life ”.


“We offer services by means technological, that's why we can reach you easily ”.


Nutritional Area.

In this new area of the institute you can find personalized services and attention such as:

● Nutritional Consultations.
● Guidelines for your nutrition.
● Professional validations about your nutritional health.

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Reserve Here!
614 - 186 - 6767

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About us

We are a group of professionals that offers the opportunity for human development, growth, improvement, and fulfillment to transform the lives of young people and the community, supporting them to assume with greater responsibility the life commitments.


Our duty is to respond to existential doubts to achieve a more humane and healthy life.



Collaborative work is the key to the success and crystallization of a work team vission.

- Elsa Rios