Aimed to be the best version of myself...

I am a 35 year old woman doctor in psychology education.

I am the founder of INAELCH, an institute with the aim of providing tools for human development that can be applied in school, family, business and personal life.

Show young people elements that optimize human education to improve individual and social relationships.

Being both mother, wife, daughter or businesswoman, I am proudly Mexican.

My work experience consists of individual and group support in the (MUSIVI) to women in situations of violence In UNEME CAPA SUR in prevention and therapeutic support to people with drug use.

And currently I find INAELCH my institute With a long way to go and ready to make changes...

  • 2015-2018  PhD in Education - Chihuahua´s Autonomus Univeristy

  • 2011  Master in Social and Organizational Psychology - Chihuahua, Méx    

  •  CED.PROF 7298274

  • 2006  Degree in psychology Autonomous University of Chihuahua           

  • CED.PROF 5413153

  • Accreditation in Cognitive Behavioral Procedures through Community Action for the Prevention of addictive behavior. UNAM 2012.

  • Training in Gender Perspective for the prevention and eradication of forms of violence against women, men, boys and girls.

  • Diploma in Spirituality in the Light of Logotherapy.

  • Diploma in Logotherapy.

  • UACH English Diploma.